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Sureties & Bonds

Sureties, Bonds and Guarantees

Businesses are sometimes in need of a reassuring partner, someone who will provide them the peace of mind they need to operate. Sureties, Bonds and Guarantees are such products.

Klapton offers two families of surety products:

    • Contract Products:
      • Bid Bond/Invitation to Tender
      • Performance Bond
      • Maintenance Bond
    • Financial Bonds:
      • Advance Payment Bond
      • Repayment Guarantee
      • Custom Bond
    • Protection Guarantees:
      • Product Warranty
      • Contract Guarantee/Breach of Contract Bond
      • Debentures Issuers Insolvency Guarantee
    • Relegation Insurance - loss following reduced revenues: Available to sports clubs such as: Football, basketball and rugby.
    • Investors Relegation Insurance - hedging investment value: Available to owners of sports clubs such as: Football, basketball and rugby.
    • Investment Negative Protection - hedging investment value: Available to investors in industrial and manufacturing corporations.
    • Loss of Contract - protecting from cancellation of contracts: Available to corporations and certain service providers.

How Does It Work?

You print/download the Application Form, and fill it out, sign and stamp it (where required) and email it back to us to Together with the Application Form email us the Applicant’s Financial Statements, and any document that may assist us in considering your application.

We will review your application and the documents you will email us, and will reply to you:

  1. If the requested cover is not in line with our underwriting guidelines – we will inform you that we cannot quote for this surety; or
  2. If the requested cover complies with our underwriting guidelines, we will issue to you a Non-Binding Indication (NBI).
  3. If you decide to proceed, please follow the instructions contained in the NBI.

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