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Personal Trainer & Instructor Insurance

Personal Trainer and Instructor Professional and Public Liability Insurance

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Unique, Comprehensive and Affordable Professional and Public Liability Insurance Cover for Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructors

Our Professional Liability Insurance program is specifically designed for Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructors working in a wide range of disciplines. It is a unique personal and business coverage, not a group or umbrella policy.

While completing a quote you will need to select which category your business is defined within our computation table. Please click here to see the Table of Insured Treatments covered by KlaptonOnline. Table of Insured Disciplines

Our coverage is even more unique in that we extended it beyond Professional Liability Insurance and added General Third Party (Public) Liability. You will be covered in all cases of Personal Liability, malpractice and E&O (Errors & Omissions).

These are the four important additional features to the Professional Liability coverage:

  • Legal and other claim-related expenses;
  • Legal defence against allegations of abuse, assault and sexual (gender) misconduct for up to 10% of your chosen limits;
  • Legal defence against allegations of discrimination for up to 10% of your chosen limits.
  • Legal defence against allegations of product liability for up to 5% of your chosen limits.

This policy protects you while you are performing your nursing duties and responsibilities. It is affordable, comprehensive and personally tailored for you.

You can control your costs by choosing your protection level starting at €/$100,000 and going up to €/$1,000,000. You may also determine your personal deductible from €/$500 and up to €/$5,000.

Premiums are annual and payable in one single payment upon commencement of the insurance period.


You must be qualified in your field in your country of residence and practice. Furthermore, you must show proof that you have all the necessary professional training and education required to practice your profession.

Only applicants with a clean loss record are considered. When applying for this insurance plan you must provide proof that you have not been subject to previous claims made or filed against you. Additionally, you must confirm that you have no knowledge of possible future claims against you.

This policy is based on dual liability coverage: coverage is limited to claims that occur and are made during the effective period of the policy. You can extend coverage for Retroactive Dates, but only if you can provide copies of prior insurance policies of the same type. You can also extend coverage to cover future claims resulting from occurrences happening during the period of insurance. These extensions affect the premium rate.

This policy can be extended to cover your employees as a Business Owner (professionals such as additional trainer and instructors – employees or subcontractors and administrative employees – such as secretaries etc.).

You build the policy and you can decide what premium will fit your needs and budget.

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